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better late than näver

5 Jun

Lotta Jansdotter, a Swede who now lives in New York, recently launched a line of apparel. I adore this Ruta Blue top. But it’s the necklace that has me scouring the internet for “björknäver halsband.” Lotta found the woven birch bark necklace at a flea market in Sweden. Apparently weaving the bark of birch trees into pretty things is a traditional technique that totally eluded me for the five years I lived there. Now I’m pining for this piece of jewelry (pun intended!). If anyone knows where I can find one, please let me know. I don’t have a Swedish grandmother who can show me how to make one myself!

snuggie for hipsters: poler napsack

10 Dec

I discovered Poler, a new Portland-based company that makes outdoor gear, at the Portland Bazaar today. Thinking about stopping by tomorrow and grabbing a tube beanie. I saw this and it made me smile. Even hipsters need Snuggies®.

boot love that starts with the name

12 Oct

A Portland girl can’t have too many boots, can she? I already have my pink-laced Swedish Tretorns (like these for sale here in the U.S.), but I would love to add a pair of these fun Native Paddington boots to my rainy-day wardrobe. Animal-free, anti-microbial and only $90.


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